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The Manor - Heavenly Tapas

The Manor is a restaurant that has recently opened in Aylesbury. We were visiting some friends and they mentioned that they had been wanting to try it for a while and I am so glad that we did. I would love for there to be a tapas place as good as The Manor local to us!

The decor was modern, bright and different from standard tapas places. The tables were spacious ensuring that you had enough room for all your dishes. I find that most restaurants do not have large enough tables especially even if you are a group of two. This was the first time that I had been out and a venue had music playing in the background! Exactly what was needed, the atmosphere was electric with excited and happy customers.

All covid safety measures were in place with the team walking around in masks, sanitizers around the property and a 'mask on' policy during any time that you were not sitting at your table. The venue was extremely busy and the team worked tirelessly to ensure food was brought to tables in a timely manner and that tables were cleaned and sanitized properly before welcoming their next visitors.

The menu was beautiful, full of so many tasty options we decided to order the following:

  • Korean BBQ glazed beef short ribs with kimchi and sesame

  • Buttermilk fried chicken, watercress, pomegranate and lime

  • Crispy pressed pork belly with butternut squash and ginger and apple puree

  • Buffalo chicken wings

  • Duck spring rolls with hoi sin and cucumber

  • Asian style sizzling rib eye steak

  • Thai green scallops with crispy rice noodles

  • Chips with rosemary, garlic and paprika coating & aioli

  • Camembert with toasted bread

  • Salted Caramel Tart with Ice Cream

  • Sticky Toffee Pudding

The dishes were a great size for sharing and the presentation of each one was beautiful. I loved the dinnerware and how the colours really brought out the visuals of the food. One of my favourite presentations of the evening was the scallops that were served in a shell which I thought was a nice creative touch.

I was blown away with every plate and I would happily come back again when we are in the area.

We were served by Ellie during our meal and Sam when we later went on to the rooftop terrace for some drinks before heading home. They were both excellent, nothing was too much trouble, they went above and beyond to ensure we were safe during our evening and that we had a wonderful experience. The venue should be extremely proud to have such great staff that are clearly dedicated to their dishes and ensuring diners enjoy themselves.

If you are heading over to Aylesbury and would like to check out The Manor you can view their website by clicking here.

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