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I've been Branded!

Wow wow wow!

What a gorgeous restaurant this is. I have visited Branded before (back in February) and being that I am a HUGE meat eater I decided that a return visit was a must.

Branded has two restaurants, one in Sevenoaks and the other is based in Beckenham. Sevenoaks is the closest restaurant to me.

The restaurant decor screams chic with the dark furniture, crystal lights and cool coloured walls.

Upon entering the restaurant, it was evident to me that Branded were taking the COVID restrictions seriously as all establishments should. All the staff were in facemasks, you were asked to sanitise your hands on entry and there were various sanitisers around the venue.

The restaurant was as full as it could be which created a buzzing atmosphere and people could be heard chattering and laughing away. This speaks volumes when it comes down to the restaurants popularity which of course comes from its great staff but also from the DELICIOUS food!

To start I ordered the salt and pepper squid with garlic, chilli and spring onion. For me there was just the right amount of spice to this dish without it completely taking over the taste of the squid and the onion really added that extra flavour.

For mains I decided on a fillet cooked medium rare and my partner had the Côte de boeuf. My steak was perfectly tender and even though this particular cut is the leanest the flavours that every steak fan wants were all there. Our sides included tender stem broccoli, hand cut chunky chips and the mouthwatering mac and cheese.

To keep the chocoholic inside me happy, I went with the chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream for dessert. As expected, upon spooning open my warm pudding the rich fondant oozed out and I was only too happy to scoop it all up.

Below are some more images from my last visit earlier in the year. The starter I had was the seared diver scallops with noodles, spring onion, chilli and a oriental sauce which I would highly recommend.

As for mains, we were in a group of four and just could not make our minds up as to what to order and so we decided to try the Branded Mixed Meat Platter (for four). This included sirloin, fillet, rib eye and British lamb cutlets. This board is every meat lovers dream. If you are dining in a group I think that this is a great option and I would most certainly be up for ordering it again.

Our meal was nicely spaced out and you did not feel as though you were being rushed out the door which is hard to achieve with a 10pm curfew! The staff looking after us were dedicated in keeping everyone safe by sanitising tables as soon as people walked out, they even sanitised the chairs. Yet another wonderful experience which I will only be too happy to relive again soon.

If you would like to visit Branded click here to explore their website and menu.

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