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Vittle & Swig - A new personal favourite

I have seen a few people post about their visit to Vittle & Swig and decided that it was definitely a venue I wanted to try out myself. I was not disappointed, the venue exceeded all expectation by miles!

The staff were wonderful and oh my goodness can they make a drink and a proper cocktail! My favourite was the gingerbread martini which literally tasted like Christmas in a glass. I thought "these drinks could be really dangerous".

The decor of the restaurant is quirky and modern but also simple and classy comprising for lots of green, white flowers and light shades together with black furniture. I love what they have done with the venue. It is not a massive space yet feels airy and comfortable.

On to the food...The presentation of each plate was gorgeous. I adored everything, the placement of the food as well as the variety of dinnerware and colours. The chef is a genius providing many wonderful and interesting flavour combinations. Another plus to the menu for me was that you could order larger dishes under the "brunchy" list or you could order a bunch of small plates under the "lunchy" list.

We were in group of four so we ordered a number of dishes so that we could all try as much a possible, the dishes we ordered were as follows:


  • Sticky Chicken Wings, Sesame, Yoghurt


  • VS Salt Beef, Potato Rosti Duck Egg, Onion Ketchup


  • Crispy Squid, Yuzu Ponzu, Nori & Sesame Salt

  • Blackened Cod, BBQ Sweetcorn, Yellow Curry Sauce, Sambal

  • Scottish Scallop, Duck Ham, Carrot Dressing & Hazlenuts

  • Fried Chicken Tacos, Pickles, Elderberry Horsington, Yoghurt & Mint

  • Mushroom Raviolo, Celeriac, Parmesan; and

  • Caramalised, Grilled Beef Cheek, Onions, Parsnip & Chimichurri

The flavour from each dish was exquisite, there were a couple of combinations I have never seen on any menu before which made me even more excited about our meal and each dish for me was a plate of heaven.

I understand that the restaurant regularly updates and changes their dishes so you many not find all these options available should you decide to visit, however, I can be sure that whatever they are serving will be delicious.

All covid safety measures are in place, sanitisers available around the venue, everyone wearing masks and track and trace.

It truly was a wonderful experience dining here and I cannot wait to return to see what else Vittle & Swig have to offer. They have certainly become a personal favourite of mine.

If you would like to visit Vittle & Swig you can find a link to their website here.

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