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Simple, yet tasty!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

During the week I struggle to find things that are extremely quick to cook that are also nutritious and tasty. I find between commuting to and from London, hitting the gym and any chores that I have that I end up cooking the same things and this can get very repetitive and boring! I decided on a quiet Sunday afternoon to actually Google some more recipes and try some. I landed on BBC Good Food.

Whilst on the site I was extremely impressed by all of the information that they gave you about each recipe. If like me you like to know the nutritional values and calories in your meal each recipe provides this.

I thought I would share below two of my favourite recipes:

Chicken Tray Bake

The great thing about this recipe is it only takes around 15 minutes to prep and then you quite literally throw it in the oven and wait for the magic to happen! Below is photo of my tray bake prepped and ready to go. Click here if you would like the recipe.

Steak Burrito Bowl

This recipe has a prep time of 5 minutes, a cook time of 5 minutes and serves 2 people. This has become a favourite for me and my partner. See below our adaptation and click here for the BBC Good Food recipe.

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