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Squisito! The perfect start to September.

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

As I understand it 'squisito' is used in Italian to give someone high praise for their cooking. That ladies and gentleman is exactly what I would say about the food at Giacomos!

The whole experience was truly marvellous from the beautifully laid tables, professionally dressed staff, excellent service and most importantly the OUTSTANDING food.

On arrival we were taken to the lounge area to have a drink as we were slightly early. After our drinks arrived one of the waiters brought over the specials for the evening. We were presented with a silver platter of various fresh fish and told exactly what each item was and what the chef had planned for the daily specials that evening.

The waiting staff were extremely attentive, witty, charming and most importantly knowledgeable in relation to the menu and the wine list. All of their food and wine recommendations were taken into account ahead of ordering and we loved everything that we had. It is very rare to get a group of waiting staff that are so committed and knowledgeable as well as wonderful. I felt very lucky to have them looking after us for the evening.

More about the food, just WOW! It has been a very long time since I have been to a truly authentic Italian restaurant that has served me Italian food anywhere near as good as what was served to me at Giacomos.

To start I had carpaccio together with a bed of wild rocket and shaved parmesan drizzled with dolcelatte cheese and a truffle oil dressing. The mixture of flavours and textures was divine and the presentation of the food was beautiful, I also noticed the discreet personalised plates which I thought were smart touch.

For mains I really fancied veal and ordered the saltimbocca. The meat was tender and succulent, the sage was fresh but not overpowering and the jus created from pan frying the veal in butter and white wine was subtle yet delightful. This dish was served with roasted potatoes and French beans. I was genuinely sad once I had finished my plate.

On to ordering dessert. Another thing that I adored about this restaurant is that they have a dessert trolley. A WHOLE TROLLEY! You can imagine my sheer delight upon seeing this. I understand that the contents of the trolley changes daily, however a range of Italian gelato or sorbet is always available.

The trolley is wheeled over to your table where the staff showcase its delicious contents. On the night we were dining there was a variety of cakes and tarts. After some consideration, I decided to go with profiteroles covered in chocolate sauce. Light with sweet and fluffy cream they melted in your mouth and the chocolate sauce added a welcome touch of richness.

Perfection is the best way I can describe my experience at Giacomos. I loved the formality of the venue as well as the charm and fun which I think is hard to achieve all together. I would highly recommend the venue and I cannot wait to go back there myself!

Below I have included some images of the dishes ordered by my friends which included grilled fillets of local sea bass, butterflied tiger prawns and a lemon tart.

Please note that gluten and dairy free dishes are available when making your order or at the time of booking.

If you would like to book a table and check out their website click here.

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