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The Swan - Full of elegance, worth the cost.

One word stylish.

The exterior of the restaurant is extremely clean and tidy. As you walk in the decor illuminates class which is amplified by the professionally dressed staff and gorgeous plates of food being served to customers.

When we were taken into the restaurant to be seated I noticed that each table had their own hand sanitising pump which I felt was forward thinking given the current situation.

If you are looking for a cheap lunch then I would not recommend The Swan, however I feel the quality of their food and the venue itself reflects their prices.

The food is based around modern flavours and is full of inspiring combinations.

To start I had seared scallops and crispy pork belly. I think I died and went to heaven. What a way to start your lunch! The scallops were cooked to perfection as well as being big. The pork belly was exactly the right amount of crispy and to top it off the chilli and lime added a perfect kick to the dish.

After such a fantastic start, I was bubbling with anticipation for my main course. I ordered a fillet steak to be cooked medium/rare with new potatoes and green vegetables. With our orders in, we waited patiently and I must express very patiently....

I love a full on dining experience. I like a break of around 20 - 30 minutes between each course to give me time to digest my food and to enjoy the company that I am with. I hate rushing through plates of food and being ushered out of a venue. However we waited literally just under an hour for our mains to be served which in my opinion is a little too long and I had to ask our waiter if everything was OK. Despite this, the food we were presented with was yet again flawless which made it worth the wait. My steak was cooked exactly as I asked and the potatoes and greens were delicious, the seasoning was excellent and my dining companion could not help pinching some!

After two faultless courses, I knew I could not leave without having dessert. I decided to go with the chocolate and vanilla sundae. If you love chocolate like me but you are feeling slightly full this was the perfect chocolate experience without being overly sickly. It was the right size, the brownies were soft and gooey, the cream on top lightened up the chocolate and the salted caramel sauce gave it that extra burst of flavour it needed.

Huge compliments to the chefs for serving up a lunch of dreams. If you would like to check out the venue yourself, please click here for their website.

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